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The Mascot

Before every South River High School Goats home game, the Goat players and coaches make sure to touch Billy the Goat's horns on their way out to the field.  As the official team managers it is your job to make sure Billy the Goat is on the field by game time.  As you prepare for tonights game you realize someone has taken Billy the Goat.  You have one hour to find that mascot!  This room holds up to 6 people.

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Bail Out

Take comfort in the fact that at the very least you are entitled to 3 hots and a cot but who wants to spend the night in jail. You have one hour to get in touch with someone to bail you out or you are stuck for the weekend.   This room holds up to 8 people.

Camp Conowingo (The Big House)
After 40 years you receive a letter from the camp director, Uncle Lou. The letter explains that you and your group need to return to Camp Conowingo immediately.  Uncle Lou has sold the camp and the new owners take possession in one hour.  Uncle Lou reminds you that as the original camp members of Camp Conowingo, you and your fellow campers, buried a time capsule 40 years ago. You and your group have only one hour before the new owners demolish Camp Conowingo to build the new high rise condominiums.  Find the time capsule before it's buried forever!!   This room holds up to 20 people. 

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