Big Palooka's Gym and Juice Bar 

(The Big house)
Welcome to Big Palooka’s Gym & Juice Bar.  As the newest boxing trainees, some of the veteran boxers have decided to play a little trick on you guys.  While you’ve been warming up in the practice gym for your first official boxing match that starts in one hour, the gym rats have locked you in and hidden the key.  Everyone knows that Big Palooka will kick you out of the gym for good if you’re late to a match – no matter the excuse.  Find the key to breakout of the practice gym and get to your match before the hours up.

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The Breakout Game Fredericksburg is the regions first ever real life interactive escape the room game. Are you looking for entertainment, amusement, fun activities and things to do in Fredericksburg, Virginia? Grab your friends, co-workers, or your date for the night and come to The Breakout Game Fredericksburg. The Breakout Game Fredericksburg is located in Fredericksburg, VA.

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Rachel Patterson has worked all of her life and she has amassed a great deal of wealth.  In order to get their hands on some of that cash, a group of criminals have kidnapped her beloved son and demanded $5 million for his safe return.  The kidnappers have just one rule, NO COPS! 

Terrified, Rachel has decided to hire you and your group of elite private investigators. Your mission is to go back through the family home where Rachel's son was taken and gather the clues that will lead you to the kidnappers' identity.  If you can identify the kidnappers you will be able to find their hideout and retrieve Rachel's son hopefully unharmed.  You must be quick because the ransom money is due in one hour.

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Joshua Haymen, 36, a former student at UMW has been taken into custody and changed with felony murder in the disappearance of UMW student Evelyn Cramer. 

You and your group have been conveened by the Circuit Court to act as the Grand Jury in this case.  Before the Prosecution can subject Haymen to a 2nd degree murder trial, they must first prove to you, the Grand Jury that they have sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. 

The Prosecution has made her case and left you all in the jury room to go back over the evidence and decide whether to indict Mr. Haymen on 2nd degree murder charges or not to indict and allow him to go free.